Project Publications

Africa-UniNet projects resulted in the following publications:


Multiple-mycotoxin in Sorghum: Food Safety Prospective and Mitigation Strategies in Eastern Ethiopia

Mohammed, A.; Bekeko, Z.; Yusufe, M.; Sulyok, M.; Krska, R. Fungal Species and Multi-Mycotoxin Associated with Post-Harvest Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) Grain in Eastern Ethiopia. Toxins 202214, 473.

P008_South Africa

Teaching the Global Goals: Exploring synergies between teacher education programmes and the Sustainable Development Goals

Eloff, I., Mathabathe, K., Agostini, E., Dittrich, A.-K. (2022). Teaching the Global Goals: Exploring the Experiences of Teacher Educators in an Online-Environment through Vignette Research, Environmental Sciences Proceedings, 15 (1),5, 1-9

Eloff, I., Agostini, E., Dittrich, A & Mathabathe, K. (accepted). Vignettes of Gender Equality, Wellbeing and Teaching. In: Mayer, C. H., Vanderheiden, E., Braun-Lewensohn, O., Chen, G., Sueda, K., Mangolothi, B., Safdar, S. & Kim, S. (Eds). Women Empowerment for a Sustainable Future World: Transcultural Positive Psychology Perspectives. Springer.

P017_South Africa

A Research of Doing

Senova, Basak and Thom, Johan. (2024) “A Research of Doing” p.201-214, The Octopus. Edition Angewandte | De Gruyter Verlag, Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston. ISBN 978-3-11-136534-3 and e-ISBN (PDF) 978-3-11-136554-1