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In this section, the activities of Africa-UniNet will be presented.

Planned network activities

Africa-UniNet was established in order to create a long-term, stable basis for cooperation between Austrian and African universities and research institutions. It intends to promote new contacts and deepen scientific cooperation.

During the general assembly, all member institutions will decide on a work programme. It will include funding opportunities for network activities. They could include:

  • Joint work on research questions
  • Joint development and implementation of research-based teaching and trainings
  • Joint development and implementation of trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, alumni meetings
  • Joint work on publications
  • Joint supervision of students

This include the exchange visits of professors and short-term research visits of scientists at member institutions, Alumni activities and other network activities.

The funding of specific activities will be administered by the Africa-UniNet Office and will be implemented in the form of funding calls. Only member institutions of Africa-UniNet will be eligible to apply.