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FAQ: How to become a member?

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  • All higher education and research institutions in Austria and in all countries of the African continent may become members. The following eligibility criteria apply:

    • Higher education institutions must offer at least one Master's level degree course which includes a research component (Master's thesis; no “taught-only” Master).
    • The higher education or research institutions must be accredited in their home country or be able to provide evidence equivalent to accreditation.
  • Please get familiar with the Africa-UniNet statutes depicting its objectives and structure. By submitting the application form, you will agree that your institution commits itself to the adherence of the statutes and the implementation of the network strategy.

    A complete application must be signed by the management of the institution, as well as by the representative who will represent the institution in the network. Every institution will have one representative in the general assembly.

    For a complete application, please submit to , latest by 15th of June 2023

    • the completed and signed application form as Word AND Pdf file
    • a certificate of accreditation of the institution in the home country
    • a logo of your institution that can be used for public relations purposes, including copyright
    • a short power point presentation (no more than fourslides) introducing your institution and depicting why your institution will join the network. The PPP will be presented during the General Assembly and published on the network website.
  • New members, whose membership documents are complete, will officially be admitted, after formal consideration and on the proposal of the board, by the general assembly.

    In October 2023 a meeting of the Africa-UniNet General Assembly is planned.

    The decision must be an ordinary resolution and be taken within a reasonable period of time. It is agreed that remain silent implies consent.

    Every new member institutions will be introduced by the short Power Point Presentation which was sent by the representative of the respective institution.

  • Africa-UniNet was established in order to create a long-term, stable basis for cooperation between Austrian and African universities and research institutions. It intends to promote new contacts and deepen scientific cooperation. By joining the network you agree that your institution commits itself to the adherence of the Africa-UniNet statutes and the implementation of the network strategy.

    During the general assembly, all member institutions will decide on a work programme. It will include funding opportunities for network activities. Activities could include:

    • Exchange visits of professors and short-term research visits of scientists at member institutions
    • Further education measures (courses, workshops, seminars) for participating target groups
    • Conferences
    • Alumni activities
    • Joint project applications (e. g. for EU funding)
    • Other network activities

    The funding of specific activities will be administered by the Africa-UniNet Office and will be implemented in the form of funding calls. Only member institutions of Africa-UniNet will be eligible to apply.

  • General assembly

    • each member institution will have one representative in the general assembly
    • the general assembly will be held at least once a year, alternately in Austria and in a country in Africa
    • the general assembly has a quorum if the president or vice-president and at least 50% of the members are present (virtual presence is possible)
    • the kick-off meeting and first general assembly of Africa-UniNet took place from 30th- 31st of January 2020 at BOKU in Vienna
    • 63 African and 19 Austrian institutions were accepted as potential founding members at the first general assembly 2020

    More information about the founding member institutions and their representatives can be meanwhile found here.

    Country representatives

    • all representatives of member institutions from the same country nominate a country representative
    • only country representatives are eligible to elect members of the board and presidency
    • 21 country representatives were elected during the first general assembly

    More information about the country representatives and their respective institutions can be found here.


    • the board consists of 6 members of the general assembly, 3 of whom will be from Austrian institutions
    • all members of the general assembly can be voted into the board
    • only country representatives are eligible to elect board members
    • 6 board members were elected during the first general assembly: Prof. Nzula Kitaka (Egerton University, Kenia), Dr. Zena M. Mabeyo (Institute of Social Work, Tanzania), Prof. Christian Anieke (Godfrey Okoye University, Nigeria), Prof. Dr. Belachew Gebrewold (Management Center Innsbruck), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anke Bockreis (University of Innsbruck) and Univ.-Prof. Hubert Hasenauer (BOKU, Vienna).

    More information about the Board members can be found here.


    • Rector Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hubert Hasenauer of University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) will be the president of Africa-UniNet in its constituent phase and during the first three years of the network
    • the following presidents will be elected by the board from among the board members
    • the president proposed a vice-president from among the board members, the board has to confirm her / his choice
    • if the president comes from Austria, the vice-president is to be elected from among the African members and vice versa
    • Prof. Nzula Kitaka (Egerton University, Kenia) was elected as the fist Vice-President at the fist general assembly 2020

    More information about the Presidency can be found here, information concerning the bodies of the network as well as the role of the Africa-UniNet Office at OeAD-GmbH can be found in the section About us.

  • The yearly membership fee amounts to 500 Euro for African member institutions and 1,500 Euro for Austrian member institutions. With your membership application you certify that the membership fee will be paid every year before the 31st of March. The membership fee covers the membership of one calendar year. In case the membership is withdrawn throughout the year, the member ship fee will not be reimbursed.

    If the membership fee of the current year is not paid by 31st of March, the membership in the General Assembly will be suspended. The member concerned may not submit any funding applications for the duration of the suspension. If the membership fee is not paid retroactively for two consecutive years by the end of the second year, the membership will expire automatically.

  • An Africa-UniNet membership can be terminated as follows

    • Via a written letter of resignation sent to the OeAD Network Office, to be addressed at the following General Assembly. Already paid membership fees of the current year will not be refunded.
    • The General Assembly may suspend a membership (temporary suspension of membership) or terminate it if the conduct of a member is detrimental to the interests of the organisation or if it contradicts the Statutes. The member concerned must be informed in writing (by e-mail or registered letter) of the suspension or termination of membership and of the reasons which led to this decision of the General Assembly.
    • Automatic termination due to outstanding membership according to the statutes section 3.3.