P017_South Africa_Project completed

A Research of Doing

Cooperating countries: South Africa and Austria

Coordinating institution: University of Applied Arts Vienna, Institute for Art Studies and Art Education (Austria) Prof. Dr. Basak Senova,

Partner institution: University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Project duration: 1 May 2021 - 30 April 2023


A RESEARCH OF DOING (ARD) is a collaborative research-based artistic project that takes a joint publication as the main activity and outcome of the collaboration. The research will be facilitated by two teams from the University of Pretoria and University of the Applied Arts Vienna in collaboration with the Centre for the Less Good Ideas in Johannesburg. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Basak Senova, Visiting Professor at Department of Art and Communication Practices at Angewandte will lead the research and coedit the publication in collaboration with Dr. Johan Thom, coordinator of Fine Art and Postgraduate studies in Fine Art at UP and Bronwyn Lace, Director of the Centre for the Less Good Idea. ARD will be executed throughout two segments of inquiry that are designed to practice, analyse, and document: Researching by practicing—“doing”—and documenting, analysing, and discussing by Writing. Constructivism is an extension of symbolic interaction theory which proposes that social constructs are based on relationships and interactions. This methodology serves as a qualitative research method to be followed throughout the first segment of the project. This will be supported by a material and practice-led approach to the various modes of artistic expressions. The project teams will participate in the research as case studies and also through their practice-led artistic research projects, teaching contributions to the programme and the book. With an integrative approach, “The Octopus Programme” of University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Centre for the Less Good Idea will provide further input to this research. (Excerpts from Abstract)


Project Publications:

Senova, Basak and Thom, Johan. (2024) “A Research of Doing” p.201-214, The Octopus. Edition Angewandte | De Gruyter Verlag, Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston. ISBN 978-3-11-136534-3 and e-ISBN (PDF) 978-3-11-136554-1