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Prof. Dr. Elsayed ELSHARKAWY, Ph.D. 

Suez University (SU)

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The University of Suez is a leading scientific education institution within the constellation of Egyptian public and private universities. Aiming to provide an educational environment that has the ability to teach and learn and keep pace with the technological developments and the challenges of the society for the graduate and scientific research in order to develop in the Egyptian society and the participation of the universities of the world in meeting human needs and satisfying them. Participate in the construction of civilization for the sake of human development.

Founding member present at 1st General Assembly
Membership: Since 2021


Prof. Dr. Elsayed ELSHARKAWY, Ph.D. ;

Elsayed Elsharkawy s the current Suez University president (Rector) and a physical chemist. He absolved the Mansoura University (Egypt). He was as a professor at the Suez University at Suez (Egypt) a supervisor of numerous students preparing their bachelor and master thesis. He was a supervisor of 30 Ph.D. students and a long-term head of the academic and student’s senate as well as a member of numerous national committees, guarantee of several scientific disciplines at the university Ph.D. thesis. He is author 40 articles and scientific publications. He is a member of several international committees and member of many editorial boards of important scientific journals