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Prof. Ahmed Boutarfaia (University Mohamed Khider of Biskra);

University Mohamed Khider of Biskra (UMKB)

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Biskra University is implemented on three campuses. lt has around 31000 students (230 students from 11 nationalities) and 1373 teachers; 200 professors, 345 "Maitres de conférences" and 353 "Maitres Assistants",.... lt is composed of 6 faculties (Letters & Foreign Languages, Human & Social Sciences, Law & Political Sciences, Sciences& Technology, Exact & Natural and Life Sciences, and Institute of Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities), 24 pedagogical departments and 33 research laboratories. Also, there are 36 pedagogical laboratories which are divided between two faculties; The faculty of sciences and technology/ FST) and the faculty of Exact, nature and life sciences (FSESNV). The pedagogical laboratories cover the following programs: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Mechanical engineering, Civil Engineering, Water treatment, Electrical Engineering, Technical Sciences, Waves and optics, Thermodynamics and statistical physics, Physics of Materials, Modern physiques, Computer engineering and Software engineering. Furthermore, since 5 years, Biskra university is ranked amongst the top 10 of National Higher Educational Institutions from 107 universities on the Web-Metrics Ranking of the Universities.

Founding member present at 1st General Assembly
Membership: Since 2021


Prof. Ahmed Boutarfaia;

Ahmed Boutarfaia is professor in Materials Chemistry since 1989. He is the Rector of the University of Biskra since 2017. After having practiced as Vice Rector at the University of Biskra from 1998 to 2004, he held the position of rector of the University of Ouargla and M'sila until 2017 ; after what he was appointed rector of the University of Biskra. He has published more than fifty publications in the field of materials chemistry, and supervised more than fifty PhD and Magister students.