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Dr. Noureddine Halla (University of Saïda Dr. Moulay Tahar); ,

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The University of Saïda Dr. Moulay Tahar (USMT) is a public Higher Education Institution located in the Saïda wilaya in the northwest of Algeria. Established in 1986, it has continuously evolved over the past three decades, expanding its facilities and academic offerings to provide students with a diverse range of high-quality educational opportunities. USMT boasts a comprehensive infrastructure spread across four campuses, encompassing seven faculties with 25 departments. With around 13,000 enrolled students, the university offers ten distinctive training fields, including 42 bachelor degrees, 71 master degrees, and 2 engineer degrees. USMT prides itself on the exceptional teaching provided by a dedicated faculty composed of 772 teachers. The institution's commitment to excellence extends to scientific research, with 18 research laboratories actively contributing to its innovative culture. USMT's research endeavours are notably focused on addressing the societal needs of the region, nation, and the international community, aligning with global research and innovation strategies. At USMT, the union of teaching and research defines the institution, reflecting its dedication to both academic excellence and scientific advancement. The university's research ecosystem encompasses a multitude of entities actively engaged in research activities, solidifying its position as a leading educational and research institution in the region. USMT's deep-rooted commitment to research oriented towards societal and global needs underscores its vital role in shaping the future through knowledge and innovation. 

Membership: Since 2024 

Representative: Dr. Noureddine Halla,

Noureddine Halla is a distinguished academic leader, currently serving as the Vice Rector of External Relations at the University of Saida, Dr. Moulay Tahar. With a rich and impressive background, he has played a pivotal role in initiating and nurturing numerous international and national cooperation initiatives for the university. he has also held the position of Head of Biology Department and serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology. Beyond his academic roles, he is a respected consultant and trainer in the Algerian Cosmetic Industries, specializing in Application of natural products in Cosmetics. With a Ph.D. in Applied Biochemistry, Noureddine showcases his profound expertise in the field. His dedication to education and research is evident through his mentorship of several master's and Ph.D. theses. Notably, he has consistently contributed to international scientific journals, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge in crucial areas such as Antimicrobial Activity, Essential Oils, Preservation of Cosmetics, Encapsulation, and Toxicity.