ARIN International Conference: "What does COP27 offer?", 7-9 December

5. December 2022
invitation folder
The Africa Research and Impact Network (ARIN), cordially invites you to the annual ARIN International Conference 2022 held virtually on zoom. The theme of the conference is "Re-building better and resilient communities through a just transition in Africa -What does COP 27 offer? The conference is scheduled for 7-9 December 2022 from 3:30 - 5:30 E.A.T.

Every year, the ARIN International Conference brings together an international community of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to reflect on the implications of the global challenges on the African continent and options for responding to these challenges inclusively and sustainably.

This year's Conference is designed with the understanding that Africa is subjected to several transitions structured by major social, economic, and environmental disruptions such as climate change, COVID-19, disaster risks, and knowledge shifts.  These disruptions are redefining new institutional cultures, governance, and decision-making processes with implications on the people and particularly the poor and marginalized groups including women, children, indigenous people, and ethnic minorities among others.  In the recent international debates, attention has been given to the concept of just transition – aimed at safeguarding the socioeconomic rights and resilience of these vulnerable groups. However, it is possible that some of the processes and interventions underpinning the just transition agenda, if not well understood, might reinforce vulnerabilities or even create new ones, especially for African communities.

It is with this understanding that the Africa Research and Impact Network International Conference 2022 seeks to interrogate pathways through which just transition processes in Africa could rebuild better and more resilient local communities.

The Conference will focus on three major themes around just transition:

Envisioning a Just Transition for Africa

This theme will explore the fundamental elements that underpin just transition in Africa including how just transition discourse is framed and pursued by different groups. The theme will include a reflection on the COP 27 outcomes and implications for the just transition discourse in Africa and particularly the vulnerable groups.

Building Just and Resilient Community Systems

This theme will focus on the implications of transition processes on local community systems, especially the vulnerable and marginalized groups. The processes and interventions of pursuing a transition in response to shocks/interruptions often have varied implications on the vulnerable with some becoming worse off.

Decolonizing Policy Research Towards Resilient Communities

This theme will explore the pathways for decolonizing research and policies to support resilient communities. It will seek to understand the underlying drivers of knowledge, resource, and institutional coloniality that reinforce vulnerabilities. It will explore the role of equitable partnerships in decolonizing opportunities for resilient communities.

Please see the attached Conference poster and concept note.

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