Country Representative

Dr. Esther Mukooza (St. Lawrence University) 

Islamic Call University College (ICUC)

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Islamic Call University College located at the National Gaddafi Mosque, Old Kampala, Uganda, East Africa is an intellectual and scholarly community characterized by open discussion, the free exchange of ideas, respectful debate, and a commitment to rigorous inquiry. All members of the University - faculty, staff, and students - are expected to advance the scholarly and social values embodied by the University. Islamic Call University College and all its programs have been recognized by the Ministry of Education and National Council for Higher Education in Uganda under decision memo for year 2011. The university offers an array of research focused graduate and under graduate programs in areas such as Peace and Conflict Resolution, International relations, Public Administration, Social sciences, Islamic studies, Information and Computing Technologies, Business Administration, Education, Islamic Finance, Arabic and translation studies, and Sharia. Research efforts are spread across its five faculties.


Saleh Ahmed Suwed Amooti; Academic Registrar

Saleh Ahmed Suwed is Ugandan. He holds the following qualifications from Makerere University Kampala: Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Diploma in Education and Master of Arts (Educational Management). He is currently the Academic Registrar Islamic Call University College. He has also worked in the same capacities in Islamic University in Uganda (1993 2009) and International University of East Africa (2009 – 2011) where he assisted the University to acquire Provisional License from National Council for Higher Education. He has also served on several Boards of Governors of various schools and institutions and as a member of the Board of Directors of Uganda Post Limited. He is a Commissioner of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Electoral Commission in charge of Northern Uganda.