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Prof. Firew Tegegne Amogne (Bahir Dar University)

Haramaya University (HU)

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Haramaya University (HU) is the second senior public university of Ethiopia. The College of Agriculture, which gradually evolved to Haramaya University in 1985, was established in 1954. HU has been producing competent and qualified professionals in various fields of studies since its establishment. Since recently, the University has been striving to be one of the leading African Universities with international reputation by 2025. Its mission is to produce competent graduates in diverse fields of study, undertake rigorous, problem solving and cutting edge researches, disseminate knowledge and technologies, and provide demand-driven and transformative community services. Currently, the University is running around 200 academic programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is also running research and community engagement programs that address the social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental problems of the country. HU has developed well recognized links with many academic institutions and other organizations over the last 60 years of its existence. South-south collaborations have been made with universities such as Makerere, Stellenbosch, Jomo Kenyatta, Cape Coast, Lilongwe, Eduardo, Cape Town, Pretoria, Mondlane, etc. in Africa. Likewise, North-South collaborations have also been experienced by the university with universities such as Oklahoma State University, Wageningen, Ghent, Upsala, Oslo, University of Innsbruck, and so on. The University is now functioning on three campus premises. The main campus, where the first milestone was laid, is Haramaya Main Campus. This campus is located at about 510 km East of Addis Ababa, between Dire Dawa and Harar towns. This is the nerve center of the University where the offices of the management of the institution are located. The second Campus is located in Harar Town where College of Health and Medical Sciences including Hiwot Fana Specialized University Teaching Hospital are situated.


Dr. Gutema Imana Keno

Dr. Gutema Imana Keno is an Associate Professor of Sociology and an academic staff member of the Department of Sociology of Haramaya University. He obtained his BA and MA degrees from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia and his PhD degree from the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. He has been serving at Haramaya University since 1993 engaging actively in learning–teaching, research and community service activities. He has also served the university as head of Department of History, Director for Development Works, Dean of College of Continuing and Distance Education, and Director of Institute of Gadaa Studies. Currently, he is the principal coordinator of the project titled HU-UIBK Partnership for Strengthening Institutional Capacity in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (PSICPCT), a partnership project between Haramaya University and the University of Innsbruck that is financed by APPEAR (Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education and Research for Development).