Kick-off and 1st General Assembly of Africa-UniNet

The kick-off meeting and first general assembly of Africa-UniNet will take place from 30th- 31st of January 2020 at BOKU in Vienna. During this meeting, the network will be officially inaugurated, representatives of the institutions will become familiar with each other, board and national coordinators will be elected and the first activities of the network will be specified.

All higher education and research institutions in Austria and in all countries of the African continent may become members of the network. Higher education institutions must offer at least one Master's level degree course which includes a research component (Master's thesis, no “taught-only” Master). The higher education or research institutions must be accredited in their home country or be able to provide evidence equivalent to accreditation.

We cordially invite you to become a founding member of Africa-UniNet and to join the first general assembly. To do so, please

Every institution nominates one representative to become the official member of the general assembly. For African universities and research institutions, the BMBWF has generously offered to cover the travel costs of one representative per institution. More representatives of one institution are welcome during the kick-off meeting and first general assembly - yet, they will not hold voting rights.

The Austrian-African Research Network | Africa-UniNet has been established in order to create a long-term solid structure for cooperation between Austrian and African higher education and research institutions.  Africa-UniNet intends to promote new contacts and deepen scientific cooperation with the following objectives:

  • Promoting cooperation between academic institutions
  • Initiating research projects and research & education projects based on common interests
  • Establishing a solid communication structure between Austrian and African higher education institutions and scientific institutions
  • Creating a platform for long-term scientific discourses
  • Establishing contacts with governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • Providing expertise on the higher education and research landscape in Austria and Africa
  • Raising donations and third-party funds
  • Other cooperation, such as in the area of further education

30. January 2020, 13:00 to 31. January, 16:00 BOKU Vienna Export Event as iCal